What is a VPN?

What is a VPN?

What is a VPN?

Having a VPN basically means you have a sturdy wall built between your information and the rest of the Internet. Your VPN is that wall that protects your private network from being compromised. For example, VPNs allow employees to log into their work’s intranet from their own personal device. The job of the VPN is to shield the company from any harmful hacking or other cyber issue while allowing personal devices to connect to private networks.

The IPVanish.com website has a cool illustration of what it looks like without a VPN and with a VPN. Without a VPN, you have an unsecured connection to the internet with your ISP address easily available to hackers and Government Firewalls. With IPVanish, your information is more secure than ever. IPVanish locks out hackers and Government Firewalls using it’s “VPN tunnel”, an encryption tool, all devices you own get their own encryption and IP Address using only one IPVanish VPN connection. Your ISP will not know when you connect to IPVanish, which makes it impossible for them to spy on you. Your mobile privacy and security is never compromised and is included in the IPVanish VPN connection along with other devices such as Windows, Mac OS X, Windows Phone, Ubuntu, Chromebook, and your routers.

Perks of IPVanish: An IPVanish VPN Review

IPVanish VPN has been voted the fastest VPN worldwide and is the only tier-1 VPN network, meaning a stable speed with no buffering. You can surf the web pretty much anywhere since IPVanish has connections to over 14,000 IPs on over 140 servers in over 60 countries! The software is easy to navigate and promises 100% online security. You’ll be able to avoid getting hacked and any other cyber hassles that may threaten your computer and securely roam any WiFi hot-spots.

You can unblock websites and restrictions from other countries with IPVanish since your connection is anonymous. No one can tell where you are in the world with IPVanish VPN. Although a pretty good service all around, there are a few of IPVanish VPN reviews do complain about the lack of customer service support, which, according to a few, seems to be slow. However, IPVanish has more good attributes than negative ones.

IPVanish VPN Pricing and Plans

Like most VPN companies, you have the opportunity to try the IPVanish free trial. Before plunging into purchasing a plan, you’ll be able to test the service out, see what you like and dislike, and decided whether or not you want to proceed with a payment plan.

IPVanish gives you three choices of plans. You can sign up for one month at $10.00, three months for $26.99 ($8.99 per month), or one year for $77.99 ($6.49 per month). The best value is the one year plan, however, once you’re on the plan portion of the site, you may receive a pop-up for a discounted rate of 20% or 25% off the next three billings on any plan.

Although the prices are a little on the high side, IPVanish coupons are also available around the web with one of them being 25% off. Also, if you go to the IPVanish website once or twice, you may notice the price change in the plans. The higher prices means the 25% off coupon was not yet applied. This was confusing. Either way, it’s unlikely you’ll have to pay as much as above with the 25% coupon available. After making your selection, you’re brought to a page where you create an account and choose your payment option. All major credit cards, PayPal, Worldpay, and Bitcoin are accepted. All plans come with a 7-day money back guarantee. To cancel your subscription, go to the control panel and under the Subscription tab you’ll see an option to cancel the service.


Protocols for PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN are listed on the website under the Support Center tab. IPVanish offers all three protocols and a side by side comparison including security, set-up, data encryption, speed, ports, compatibility, and a conclusion of how each is rated by IPVanish. PPTP is the most widely available.

The Verdict

IP Vanish does what it says it will do, and although the service seems a little pricey, the coupons you can find around the web make it worthwhile. It’s nice to be able to unblock websites and feel safe while browsing the web.

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