Plastic Surgery Tummy Tuck

A plastic surgery tummy tuck also known as abdominoplasty removes excess fat and skin from the middle and lower abdominal area, restores weakened or separated muscles and creates a smoother, firmer abdominal profile.
A flat and well toned stomach is something we strive for everyday. We usually try to achieve this hrough exercise. Due to lack of exercise and uncontrolled diet habits, many individuals can develop an abdomen that protrudes out with loose and sagging skin.
Tummy Tuck Surgery is not a substitute for weight loss or an exercise program.
The most common patients for tummy tuck surgery are

  • women who have recently given birth and planning to have no more babies
  • people who recently have lost significant weight and experience sagging abdominal skin
  • people with abdomen that protrudes out and is out of proportion to the rest of the body
  • people with abdominal muscles that have been separated and weakened
  • people with excess fatty tissue concentrated in the abdomen

Before surgery, your plastic surgery doctor will evaluate for possible abdominoplasty. He will inquire about your current medical conditions, any drug allergies, any medication you are taking now, previous pregnancies and surgeries.
Tummy Tuck Procedure is a less invasive procedure compared to many other plastic surgery procedures. Advancement in technology is making it possible to help minimize the need for large incisions.
Recovery after tummy tuck surgery requires careful monitoring. Patient is required to abstain from strenuous physical activity for certain period of time. Avoid heavy lifting.
The results of a tummy tuck procedure are usually firmer abdominal area. It is very important to know that Tummy Tuck Surgery is not an alternative to exercise and healthy diet.

Why you want the tummy tuck surgery?
What are your expectations and desired outcome?
Discuss with your doctor the likely outcomes of the tummy tuck surgery, any associated risks and potential complications.
This will help your plastic surgeon to understand your expectations and determine if they can be achieved.
It will also be better if you find out that your insurance will cover the surgery cost.
Abdominoplasty may be performed on an outpatient basis. In this case arrange for someone to drive you home and stay with you for couple of days.
The time for recovery after the surgery varies among individuals depending on the extent of tummy tuck surgery and the physical condition of the patient. In most of the cases, patient can resume non strenuous work within few weeks.

The information provided in this article is not a medical advice. This information can help you ask more questions from your doctor, which can help you to make a better decision and more realistic expectations. Always consult your doctor before making any decisions.

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