Making Things Easier with the Human Teeth 3d Model

Making Things Easier with the Human Teeth 3d Model

The human teeth 3d model from TurboSquid is an accurate representation of human teeth. The scale that is used for the model is 1 unit to 1mm. This makes the model the perfect tool for several applications. The accurate nature allows for the model to be used as an aid. This can be in a class. It can be used in a Science or Anatomy class. The model can be used to point out a few details when teaching about the structure of the human teeth. The model also comes complete with the naming. This makes work easier for the people using the model.

The naming of the model is methodical. The names include some numerics which are meant to make identification easier. A typical name will contain the first number which notes the quadrant (Palmer’s Notation). The second number in a name signifies the number or the tooth. This is then followed by the tooth’s Latin name and then the English name. This method allows for someone to correctly identify a specific tooth in the model. The teeth are also designed in the correct length.

The details that are included in this model also allow for a medical practitioner to use it. The model would serve as a good reference for a dentist. When a dentist needs to explain something to their patients, this model would come in handy. The 3d model from TurboSquid also includes animation. The jaws can be opened in 200 frames. A dentist is therefore capable of showing in detail, what a patient should expect.

The format of the 3d model is available in several formats including OBJ, FBX, DWG, STL and Max 2009. If someone needs to have the model in other formats, conversions are facilitated.  We understand that different applications may require different formats for 3d models. This is why we make it possible for clients to get what they prefer. The human teeth model does not have any Photoshop elements or composites. The lights are also included in the file. The product is made to allow for rendering out of the box. The preview images on the other hand are rendered with V-Ray 1.5

It is possible to see the previews before you even purchase the product. You can see for yourself what the model offers you. Everything that you see on the preview you can be sure to find it in the model. The best thing about this model is that it looks very real. This makes it suitable for advertising purposes. If you are looking to make a commercial for toothpaste or toothbrush, this 3d model would just be the thing to use.

You can get the model at an affordable price. That is one thing that advertisers have to always worry about. The human teeth 3d model from TurboSquid would help you save some good money. The textures that allow for editing are also included in the product. That means you can do the editing yourself. If you are wondering where to get a human teeth 3d model for teaching, medical or advertising purposes, then you are just in luck with this TurboSquid product. For more info, please visit Product Page.

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