Eco-friendly bedding

I bet you have no idea that you can choose bedding sets which are good for the environment. Is this something you really care about or do you think people must be mad to consider being eco-friendly with their bedding? It may interest you to find out that you can pick eco-friendly bedding. If you choose sheets made of polyester or standard-grown cotton, you are contributing to the world’s pollution and degradation. Yes, it sounds extreme but it is true.

If you’re a regular customer purchasing your standard cotton sheets you are contributing to one of the world’s most chemical intensive crops. Chemicals used in cotton farming account for 16% of the world’s pesticides. Combine this with the polluting caused when dyeing the fabrics and you have a huge un-environmentally friendly machine.

The best options for being eco-friendly are either organic cotton or bamboo:
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Organic cotton bedding: as already mentioned traditional cotton contributes significantly to the world’s pollution. If cotton is grown organically, it is among one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics available. Organic sheets may need to be part of one of your designer bedding collections as they are quite expensive but they are worth it. If you look for sheets with a high thread count you’ll get the best night’s sleep you could imagine.

Bamboo bedding: you probably know of bamboo as a wood, eaten by pandas but bamboo fibers can be used to create the some of the best sheets imaginable. Bamboo is very soft and is also good for the environment as it’s renewable and fast-growing.

To get a peaceful night’s sleep you need to feel at rest, calm and relaxed. If you take away the guilt of buying sheets that are damaging to the environment, you’ll probably have the best night’s sleep of your life. Swap to an eco-friendly choice for a peaceful night’s sleep.